Video for students and educators directing children's anxiety into creative productivity
for better motivation and student success.
You're welcome to share it in online learning and in class to nurture behavior regulation and proactive behavior. 

Welcome to this teacher tool online promoting social emotional learning by a PBL method.


Why are kids aggressive and anxious? Imagine a scale. On the one side there's aggression and on the other creativity.
When creativity is down, aggression is up. When aggression is kept inside it becomes anxiety.
This video helps kids (age 5-11) channel aggression and anxiety into creativity.


Enjoy the story in painting "What did you think? I'm Fun the Zebra Finch" with the kids. They will discover interesting facts about birds & camouflage and warning colors and be inspired with artistic tips. Finally, let Michelle Korenfeld, the author, painter and creativity teacher, ignite the kids to do an open-ended activity based on their ideas. 


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