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How do we know we have reached the utmost decision or solution? Michelle Korenfeld’s 5 E's method makes it easy to determine the finest solution and implement it, take the best-suited decision to realization, and drive innovation toward success. This guide is a unique blend of visuals with words, heart with mind, and deliberate with intuitive creativity. Curious delight and creative fun become keys for prolific productivity.


Have a handicapping problem to solve? Need a puzzling decision to make? Based on feedback from participants in The Creative Problem-Solving Institute (CPSI) workshops, Michelle Korenfeld sums theories, processes and creative inspiration into this simple supportive and motivating aid. This quick guide is here to help you meet the challenges ahead of you.


What is a facilitator? What kind of approach is needed in team creative efforts? How do we facilitate personal problem solving? Get answers, solve your problems and make your decisions by 5 simple E's: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express. This strategy will make you feel your goal is within your reach and will glide you through the process gently. Generate ideas, develop dynamic change competencies, foster 21st century skills, and develop creative solutions.


Here are testimonials from Michelle Korenfeld's workshop at CPSI2019:

- "Excellent, well planned! great details".

- "She is a very special creative leader".

- "The only wow I gave".


CPSI is the longest running creativity conference in the world. It is organized by the Creative Education Foundation in the University at Buffalo New York. Michelle has been a leader there for 4 years. She has also contributed to The Florida Creativity Conference. She is an Amazon author and the manager of Raising Creative thinkers’ website. Her mission is to help people raise themselves as creative thinkers together with raising creative thinkers.


The Quick Guide is a 3 pages PDF packed with useful tips simplified after years of research and creativity practice. Buy now and receive the guide immediately in the thank you page. You will also receive an email with a download link that will last for 30 days.


Stimulate a growth mindset at work, at the classroom and at home with The Quick Guide to Solving Problems, Making Decisions and Driving Innovation. Read it, enjoy it, get set and go.

The Quick Guide to Solving Problems, Making Decisions and Driving Innovation