Apply the simple 5 E's method that synthesizes problem solving, decision making and innovation. Based on feedback from participants in The Creative Problem-Solving Institute (CPSI) workshops, Michelle Korenfeld sums theories, processes and creative inspiration into this simple supportive and motivating tool.


The 5 E’s strategy gives people the feeling: ‘I can do it’. Generate ideas, develop creative solutions, and apply dynamic change competencies in 5 steps: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express.


The Quick Guide is a 3 pages PDF packed with useful tips simplified after years of research and creativity practice to help you cope with the dynamic change characterizing today's education.


All rights to this PDF are reserved to Michelle Korenfeld - Raising Creative Thinkers (C). This tool has been developed by Michelle Korenfeld throughout years of creativity education practiceand by up-to-date research. By purchasing, it is available for your personal use only. Social sharing is forbidden.

The Quick Guide to Solving Problems, Making Decisions and Driving Innovation

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