Find a delightful story about a fascinating trip to the seashore that will ignite children's imagination. Invite them to color the coloring page and to draw and write freely with surprising prompts. What are shells? Invite students to discover more about it and to go travelling and discovering the world. 


This is a 6 pages PDF in Letter format, designed to easily print at home. It includes the story: The Dream Day by Michelle Korenfeld, a lifelong creativity educators that used to take young audiences on storytime adventures telling this story as summer grew near. Michelle's hand drawn illustrations serve as coloring pages. And interesting facts about shells serve to inspire cognitive flexibility. You are most welcome to check out the coloring pages here presented.


Teach English imagining the ocean breeze as you enjoy this story full of surprises, beautiful words and creative ideas!


By purchasing you will receive a thank you page and a confirmation email that will include the downloadable file. It is for your own use only. It is the product of Michelle's lifelong work. 


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The Dream Day - Story, Enrichment, Coloring and Creative Inspiration

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