This is an instant meditation tool to release anger by coloring. It could help curious creative children release anxiety. It can also help us adults, releasing moments of overwhelm when engaging with the energetic kids.


Michelle Korenfeld's drawing “The Stone-Heart” shows a man throwing a stone in the lake. A girl stands next to him. A rescue boat is on its way.


The PDF you will receive in the thank you page includes of two coloring pages of “The Stone-Heart” drawing. You are most welcome to choose your favorite: one is simple, the other more illustrative.


When you or the kid/s color, imagine you're throwing your burdens like a stone in the lake. The stone creates growing circles in the water, and with them your burdens evaporate.


Take a photo of the coloring page on your phone. Whenever you need, look at it and devote a moment to letting go.


This tool is a 2 pages PDF named: Stone-Heart meditation coloring pages.



Releasing Anger Tool

    © 2017 by Michelle Korenfeld, Raising Creative Thinkers.