This is a 4 steps coloring pages tool that has 3 uses.
It is based on the 5 E’s strategy: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express. This tool is very helpful due to its visuality. It helps learners focus during abstract processes of problem solving and projects development.


1) For project-based learning –
Guiding the process of developing an original product.


a) A fairy coloring page - After learning something new, the child writes his/her insights in the fairy's thinking clouds.

b) The northern star coloring page - 4 insights are developed into ideas.

c) Woman and flower coloring page - One idea is chosen

d) Dancer coloring page - A concise plan for the product is written down.


2) For reviewing progress-
Reviewing insights and deciding what to do next.


a) The student writes in the fairy's thinking clouds his/her insights drawn by learning.

b) 4 insights are developed into conclusions.

c) One conclusion is chosen.

d) The child concisely writes how to implement his/her conclusion.


3) For Creative Problem Solving-
Solving a problem, choosing a solution and outlining an action plan.


a) The child or adult writes wishes in the fairy's thinking clouds to find out what his/her challenge is.

b) Possibilities are explored - 4 wishes are examined and elevated into ideas.

c) One idea is chosen.

d) A brief plan is set to implement the idea.


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Good luck!


This tool is used while engaging with the workshop recording in the two PBL teacher training plans that the Raising Creative Thinkers academy offers. The prime plan exclusively offers the keys and secret keys to help direct the process of meeting the challenge, solving the problem or developing the project.


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Develop an idea into a product/Meet a challenge/Review progress tool.

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