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This is a 4 steps coloring pages tool that has 3 uses.


1) For product based learning:


a) A fairy coloring page - After learning something new, the child writes his/her insights in the fairy's thinking clouds. 

b) The northern star coloring page - 4 insights are develped into ideas.

c) Woman and flower coloring page - One idea is chosen

d) Dancer coloring page - A concise plan for the product is written down.


2) For reviewing progress:


a) The kid write in the fairy's thinking clouds his insights drawn by learning.

b) 4 insights are developed into conclusions.

c) One conclusion is chosen.

d) The child concisely writes how to implement his/her conclusion.


3) For CPS - Creative Problem Solving:


a) The child or adult writes wishes in the fairy's thinking clouds to find out what his/her challenge is.

b) Possibilites are explores - 4 wishes are examined and elevated into ideas.

c) One idea is chosen.

d) A brief plan is set to implement the idea.


You will recieve the downloadable letter format PDF in the thank you page and by email.



Product-based learning, reviewing progress and CPS tool