We may have the best intentions about raising creative thinkers.

Yet hidden concepts, such that we have been raised upon, come in our way. They are like a blind spot. We are not aware that there is something we are missing. We just feel that our efforts are not fruitful.

This tool helps becoming aware of hidden concepts, provides an alternative and a method to apply it to your needs.


The first page is about becoming aware of hidden concepts.


The second page offers a heartwarming story about a bee that can't wait to become a forager. Wouldn't we all want children like that: curious and eager to learn.


The third page provides the 5 E's method to raise such creative thinkers.
It can be used in many ways, as per your needs.


This is a 3 pages PDF in letter format. You will receive it in the thank you page and by email.


Share this tool with family and/or with colleagues. Converse about hidden concepts, about learning as foraging, and about what to do to raise creative thinkers.


Good luck!


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