This is a 5 steps check list to help identify students' gifts and to make a plan on how to fulfill the individual potentials. It will give you a better understanding of the whole child. You will be able to support students' self-confidence appreciating their unique gifts, amplifying strengths and making individual developmemt plans.


We want our children to be better students. We demand they do homework and do tasks. Yet sometimes they feel they are supposed to fit into a box. They feel criticized for who they are. By acknowledging their special gifts, we give them the gift of self-worth. Then they are not only on their route to fulfilling individual potentials, but they also try to do better with the demands all children are expected to meet in school and at home.


The 5 Steps begin with intuition and end in mindful practicality.

1) The child is offered to choose an animal he/she identifies with out of images from Michelle Korenfeld's paintings. You can ask the child why he/she has chosen the certain animal. What you will learn will be very interesting.

2) Consider the child regarding the multiple intelligences (a list is provided).

3) Consider the child in relation to the 21st century skills (list provided).

4) 10 more aspects to briefly think through about the student.

5) Draw a plan to fulfill the child's gifts by 5 practicalities.


This is a 5 pages PDF in letter format. You will receive it in the thank you page and by email. Good luck!


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Identifying Gifts and Fulfilling Potential Tool -Grow students' personal growth.

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