This is a PDF taking you through a journey of inspiring meditative paintings, to connect with your inner strengths, recharge and feel grounded, caring and impactful.


The last page is a creative coloring page. Have its photo, or one of the paintings' photo on your phone. Take a look, whenever needed, and be immediately at that containing charismatic place you want to be.


The PDF offers the full paintings.
The file is named: Grow Your Impact – Tree-Heart Instant Meditation.


If you want to print just the coloring page, do the following:


1) open the file.

2) Enjoy the paintings.

3) In the “Print” menu, under the “Pages” tag, choose Custom.

4) Write 7 (for page 7).

5) Click Print


Take a photo of the coloring page or of the tree-heart painting on your phone. Before entering class take a peek at it and recharge to engage your students with new spirits.


During the workshop replay offered in the 2 PBL teacher training plans of The Raising Creative Thinkers Academy, Michelle korenfeld engages participants with this visualization. You're most welcome to check it out.


Thank you and enjoy!

Empowering Tool toward Engaging with Energetic Kids

    © 2017 by Michelle Korenfeld, Raising Creative Thinkers.