This is a PDF taking you through a journey of inspiring meditative paintings, to connect with your inner strengths, recharge and feel grounded, caring and impactful.


The last page is a creative coloring page. Have its photo, or one of the paintings' photo on your phone. Take a look, whenever needed, and be immediately at that containing charismatic place you want to be.


The PDF offers the full paintings.
The file is named: Grow Your Impact – Tree-Heart Instant Meditation.


If you want to print just the coloring page, do the following:


1) open the file.

2) Enjoy the paintings.

3) In the “Print” menu, under the “Pages” tag, choose Custom.

4) Write 7 (for page 7).

5) Click Print


Thank you and enjoy!

Empowering Tool toward Engaging with Energetic Kids

    © 2017 by Michelle Korenfeld, Raising Creative Thinkers.