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Part with the ground under your feet and fly free with your imagination with stories, poems, coloring pages and prompts about birds. Learn how they migrate. Reach higher as the parrots flying high at dawn. Learn what stories animal colors tell. Are those stories of camouflage, warning or courting?


Be ignited with interdisciplinary thinking discovering facts about the peacock. Introduce symmetry to children. What is the connection between the feathers' symmetry and courting colors?
Help children communicate effectively based on the story of a small zebra finch trying to get his voice heard.


The kids become coauthors and co-illustrators celebrating their creative thinking. Ignited by the poems, paintings and interesting facts about birds, they write and draw their own ideas. In the mean-time they bond with the animal world, and become curious about science.


Michelle Korenfeld is a lifelong creativity educator, workshop facilitator, poet, author, and painter. On her blog Raising Creative Thinkers she offers help raising ourselves and the children as creative thinkers. Michelle's original books are based on her life research and raising her daughters. Already teenagers, they still teach her creative thinking lessons every day.


Birds - Enrichment, Coloring and Prompts is based on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon, who established the Clore Garden of Science and the Science Oriented Youth Department in the Weizmann Institute. This department is a pioneer program in science Education and a leader of that field worldwide.


The PDF is 18.9 MB. It is mostly black on white to enable printing,
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The Content in the PDF is Michelle Korenfeld's copyright. The file is for personal use only. Yet you are most invited to print it for your children or students. This PDF is based on Michelle's book Raising Creative Thinkers Series: Birds. Paintings have beeen extracted to make it accessible for printing at home.


Fill your time with the kids with Birds - Enrichment, Coloring and Prompts. Enhance literacy together with inspiring creativity at home
or at the classroom. And be inspired yourself!

Birds - Enrichment, Coloring and Prompts