Make friends with the diversity of attention challenges by a story that provides practical tools. Let the creative strategies presented in the story ignite you toward helping your students find attention while learning at home or at school. Give the children a hand-out to learn about their individual attention struggles and provide best strategic routes to success based on a table that sums up the story.


This PDF is a simple tool based on Michelle Korenfeld’s lifelong research to help you raise today’s curious and creative kids. Ms. Attention is the fiction of the writer’s mind yet is based on countless teachers Michelle has worked with, such educators that earn students' trust and love.


Ms. Attention kindly asks each child at the right moments: “May I have your attention?”. Sometimes getting students’ attention is as simple as a caring request, when needs are met and creative coping strategies are provided.


This tool is a 5 pages PDF in letter format.


Good luck!


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Attention Deficit Disorder- Engaging story inspiring creative coping strategies.

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