Help children gain self-confidence in themselves and with others, ignited by the animal world. Identifying with the story “In the Shade of an Old Tree” the children are invited to provide their own advice on how to regulate emotions and behavior, becoming better friends. Coloring and drawings inspired by the prompts they embrace a shield against bullying ignited by their own advice.


Engage students with experiential activities and musical fun. Teach kids without them noticing about the food chain. Nurture curiosity introducing terms like diversity and relativity. Instill values of protecting nature and send the message that we need to protect our mates and handle relationships with care.


Make classroom management a positive and productive experience.Empower those that need to become assertive, and balance those that tend toward aggression. Invite the kids into an adventure of discovery for an anti-bullying education, or should we say proactive behavior education, that lasts. 


This tool is a 41 pages PDF in letter format for kindergarten and elementary school educators. It is packed with conversation tips and social emotional learning teaching ideas. You can use the download to print and copy the coloring pages for your students, and to show the paintings as a presentation or as laminated teaching aids.

Anti-Bullying STEAM Program

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