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Why are horns backwards? Two deer males may attack each other. But without no intention to harm. Animals don’t bully. They have conflicts to resolve, but their first priorities are safety, survival and continuity of their species.


Carnivores eat herbivores, but not out of cruelty. This is simply their food. The elephant, which is an herbivore like the little mouse, isn’t threatened by lions. Is the elephant part of the food chain at all?


Help children gain self-confidence in themselves and with others, ignited by the animal world. Identifying with the animals in the story “In the Shade of an Old Tree” the children are invited to provide their own advice on how to become better friends. Coloring the coloring pages and drawing inspired by the fun prompts, they embrace a shield against bullying ignited by their own advice.


Engage students with experiential and music activities. In the mean-time teach kids without them noticing about the food chain. Nurture curiosity introducing terms like diversity and relativity.


Instill values of protecting nature. Converse and lead a team group activity arising from the question: Why does a mouse’s heart beat about 500 times a minute while the elephant’s heart beats only about 30 times?


This book is the product on Michelle Korenfeld’s lifelong creative education practice. It is based on Michelle’s teaching at The Dr. Erica Landau Institute for the Advancement of Youth to Excellence and Creativity, and on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon who established The Clore Garden of Science and The Science Oriented Youth Department in The Weizmann Institute. The Science Oriented Youth Department is a pioneer program in science education and a leader of that field worldwide.


The story “In the Shade of an Old Tree” and the activities that go with it were practiced by Michelle as a preschool, kindergarten and elementary school facilitator from the team of The Man and The Living World Museum in The National Park of Ramat-Gan.


Turn anti-bullying education into a delight arising curiosity using the original materials, story, activities, coloring pages and prompts in this book.


Speak with the kids in a language they relate to. Talk about the animals in the story, not about the kids’ vulnerabilities. Then guide the children to internalize the messages of being sure of themselves while interacting in caring collaborative environments.


Empower those that need to become assertive, and balance those that tend toward aggression. Invite the kids into an adventure of discovery for an anti-bullying education that lasts.


Michelle Korenfeld is a 21st century learning curriculum developer, facilitator, painter and poet with a passion for nurturing curiosity in children’s hearts and minds.


She is the director of Raising Creative Thinkers, whose blog helps teachers, educators, parents and grandparents step into 21st century education.


Michelle’s STEAM resources are based on 20 years of experience integrating art and literature with nature, science and environment for diverse learners.


Raising Creative Thinkers’ strategy and materials are based on a humanistic and caring, social constructivism approach. Teachers mentor and facilitate, directing students toward individual personal growth while collaborating in learning communities. Educators foster 21st century skills like communication. collaboration, innovation, imagination, and flexibility. They promote creative problem solving and Dewey’s reflective thinking. Inquiry is stimulated by multidisciplinary contents advancing meaningful learning for greater students’ achievements.


Buying Raising Creative Thinkers' Anti-Bullying STEAM Program you will recieve a download link for the PDF containg story, poems paintings, coloring pages and prompts that you will be able to print for the children. The PDF includes tips and directions on how to facilitate learning the program. 


Here's a thank you letter from Dr. N'Quavah R. Velazquez, Acievement Heights:


"Hi Michelle,


I used your books to privately tutor a fifth grader for about one month. Initially, I assessed that the student needed help with reading comprehension, confidence as well as written and verbal communication skills. Your books were very helpful because they not only include science/nature, art and social emotional learning but they are designed in a way that provide opportunities for deep discussion and learning. 


For example, the student readily identified with the conflict and resolution model used in your books. This model engendered lively discussions. Hence, the student was engaged and excited about our sessions together.


After 30 days, I gave a progress report to the student’s mother and she agreed 100 percent with my assessment. The report included an explanation of how I planned to use your books to develop the student’s reading and communication skills, confidence and social emotional skills. I was very pleased when the student’s mother agreed to have her daughter continue reading sessions with me. 


In the future, I want to include more writing and art to the STEAM related topics in your books. I also plan to demonstrate how the topics can be used in a congressional debate format.


Again, thank you for such excellent tools!


Kind regards,


Dr. N'Quavah R. Velazquez

Specialist in Educational Leadership and Effective Character Education


Founder, CEO and President

Achievement  Heights Academy 


The pivotal place for high quality STEAM education including classical music and fine arts conveniently located in Downtown Boca Raton, Florida, USA."



Anti-Bullying STEAM Program