Young Teachers: The future of the Profession - How to help!

Updated: Apr 26

Students need teachers young and/or young at heart. Such that build a caring, communicative and creative environment in class. Many teachers are like that, all around the world. Their motivation is love for kids, for learning, and for growth. Yet the pressures around them are tremendous. They have multiple clients: school leadership, parents, and students. We are all part of this whirlpool. For World Teachers Day celebrated today, October 5th, 2019, here are tips for supporting teachers.

For parents:

Try the caring approach - whenever your child needs you to speak for him/her, learn all about the situation or difficulty beforehand. Contact the teacher privately. Take into consideration that the teacher is wanting to do his/her best in a class that is probably overcrowded, and that different people have diverse expectations of him/her. With this in mind, shed light on the situation from the point of view of the teacher as an educator wanting what's best for your kid. Speak your heart with kind words. Build a sense of a shared challenge.

For school staff:

Try the democratic approach - give the teachers a sense of contribution to the community by taking part in teams that develop lesson plans, preferably such that interweave learning from diverse disciplines. Guide teachers to develop within those teams based on the 5 E's:

Explore - research the matter thoroughly. Experience - play with ideas. Examine - check those ideas. Elevate - take the ideas to the next level. Develop a best suited lesson plan. And Express - bring what they produced to life by cooperatively delivering bright lessons that students find relevant.

And for you - also, remember to always express your gratitude and appreciation for having teachers that are caring, communicative and creative persons.

You see, teachers are secluded, each in his/her classroom. Collegiality is key. Getting feedback from colleagues is essential for staying motivated and becoming better and better continuously.

For teachers:

Believe in yourself. Believe in your students. Seek to learn more about each child. What are his/her gifts? What is his/her individual creative potential? If their brightness shines in fields other than literacy and math, give them the opportunity to express it, even by doing a learning product about it. Identify and amplify kids' strengths to motivate them to overcome difficulties in learning. See all children and youth as young adults who want their intellect appreciated and challenged, and they will reciprocate by being your best cooperative students.

To sum up I hope I may serve as the voice of the students:

Please see our brightness. Give us opportunities to express and you'll be surprised by how creative and smart we are. We want to learn. It prepares us to become productive adults. Just let go a bit and allow our brightness to show.

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Kindly yours,

Michelle Korenfeld

Raising Creative Thinkers

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