Promoting social-emotional skills - Reading, Writing and Drawing as Fun Educational Activities

Updated: Apr 26

Today's kids' intelligence is like the quick rabbit from our childhood tales. It is most expected to win the race. But when it takes some moments to rest, the turtle crosses the finish line first. I would suggest that the turtle is our kids' social emotional skills. Those capabilities seem to be left behind the bright minds of our children. Yet with support and nurture, cooperative and proactive behavior & emotion and behavior regulation can find a good place in our kids' hearts and minds.

So how do we foster such skills? We read stories that trigger the kids' thoughts and emotions. We invite them to write, draw and doodle their insights and reactions. Then we converse with the kids about what they expressed, saying: "This sounds like a good idea."..."Let's try this idea out"..." I like what you suggest. It's responsible, mature, kind and friendly."...

Here's a list for the social-emotional skills you can foster with my book Creative Children Like the Animals of the World. On the left side those are stories and poems (in purple). On the right side those are the conversation starters that follow each story and poem (in blue).

Find out more about this best children's book social emotional learning!

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