Making Educational New Year Resolutions Come True

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We may have the best intentions about a new approach to teaching or parenting, yet we need tools. Here is an outline of such online SEL PBL, STEAM and change management teacher tools, followed by a brief elaboration on each. To make New year resolutions come true, we are happy to give you a 20% discount on all tools. The coupon code is valid until January 15. Simply enter the following code during check out: New Year 2020

Transformational - Inspirational:

Creative Environment Check List -

This is a one-page PDF offering a simple to implement 10 items check list for making a learning or work environment creative. It is based on research and on Michelle Korenfeld's lifelong creative practice. Share it with your colleagues to find out how to support creativity, care, collaboration, PBL and social emotional learning.

Identifying Gifts and Fulfilling Potential Kit -

A 5 steps checklist to help identify the child's gifts and to make a plan on how to fulfill the potential. It will give you a better understanding of the child. You will be able to support his/her self-confidence and well-being by appreciating his/her unique gifts, amplifying strengths and helping with individual challenges.

Paradigm Shift Tool -

Hidden concepts, such that we have been raised upon, come in our way. They are like a blind spot. We are not aware that there is something we are missing. We just feel that our efforts are not fruitful.

This tool helps becoming aware of hidden concepts, provides an alternative and a method to apply it to your needs.

The Pearl Expressions for Creative Conversations -

This is a one page check list for guiding creative conversations in class, at work or at home.

First establish the simple rule that some words are out of our vocabulary. Then advise which words to use to give constructive feedback. Finally, add humor and care, and ignite a communicative environment supporting social emotional learning. Share this check list with your colleagues, students or family. Or simply hang on the board, for a constant reminder on how to talk in ways that make people listen, cooperate and enjoy a playful molding of information, ideas and solutions.

Empowering Tool toward Engaging with Energetic Kids -

This is a PDF taking you through a journey of inspiring meditative paintings, to connect with your inner strengths and enter school, class or home full of energy, grounded, caring and impactful. The last page is a creative coloring page. Have its photo, or one of the paintings' photo on your phone. Take a look, whenever needed, and be immediately at that containing charismatic place you want to be.

How to Overcome Challenges in Adapting New Creative Strategies -

A checklist on what would hinder successful innovation in school and what would help, regarding the following challenges: teachers’ isolation; motivation; autonomy; tools for dynamic change; ethics; educational concept; assessment; the students; the parents; counselors; learning materials and educational technologies; teachers’ professional development; administration; principals and superintendents; political, economic and academic leadership; and the media.

The Quick Guide to Solving Problems, Making Decisions and Driving Innovation -

Apply the simple 5 E's method that synthesizes problem solving, decision making and innovation. Based on feedback from participants in The Creative Problem-Solving Institute (CPSI) workshops, Michelle Korenfeld sums theories, processes and creative inspiration into this simple supportive and motivating tool. The 5 E’s strategy gives people the filling that: ‘I can do it’. Generate ideas, develop creative solutions, and apply dynamic change competencies in 5 steps: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express.

Releasing Anger Tool -

An instant meditation tool to release anger by coloring. It could help curious creative children release anxiety for better emotion and behavior management. It can also help us adults, releasing moments of overwhelm when engaging with the energetic kids.

For Learning:

Attention Deficit Disorder-Coping Strategies -

Befriend the diversity of attention challenges by a story that provides practical tools: Ms. May Attention’s Class. Give the kids a hand-out to learn about their individual attention struggles and provide best strategic routes to success based on a table that sums up the story. This PDF is a simple tool based on Michelle Korenfeld’s lifelong research to help you raise today’s curious and creative kids. Ms. Attention is the fiction of the writer’s mind yet is based on countless teachers Michelle has worked with, such educators that earn students' trust and love.

Product Based Learning, Reviewing Progress and Creative Problem-Solving Tool - A 4 steps coloring pages tool that has 3 uses: 1) Guiding the process of developing an original product.

2) Reviewing insights and deciding what to do next.

3) Solving a problem, choosing a solution and outlining an action plan.

Birds - Enrichment, Coloring and Prompts -

Foster creativity and social emotional learning with this tool packed with inspiring poems, stories, coloring pages and prompts. Encourage students to reach higher like the parrots, to see the broad picture from birds’ eye-view, and to regulate emotions and behavior like the tiny zebra-finch struggling to get attention. Finally invite children to show their true beautiful colors like the peacock that confidently shows his tail feathers. Introduce children to interesting facts about birds and enrich with beautiful language.

Anti-Bullying STEAM Program -

Help children gain self-confidence in themselves and with others, ignited by the animal world. Identifying with the story “In the Shade of an Old Tree” the children are invited to provide their own advice on how to regulate emotions and behavior, becoming better friends. Coloring and drawings inspired by the prompts they embrace a shield against bullying ignited by their own advice. Engage students with experiential activities and musical fun. Teach kids without them noticing about the food chain. Nurture curiosity introducing terms like diversity and relativity. Instill values of protecting nature and send the message that we need to protect our mates and handle relationships with care. Empower those that need to become assertive, and balance those that tend toward aggression. Invite the kids into an adventure of discovery for an anti-bullying education, or should we say proactive behavior education, that lasts.

Happy new year and good luck!

Michelle Korenfeld

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