Letting go of the Race for Grades to Ease Tension - Fulfill Each Individual Child's Potential

Updated: Apr 26

We can't promote a positive climate by focusing on the negative. We need to model a proactive approach so students will follow. And if we're too stressed out about tests, we just can't be such caring and inspiring leaders.

We need to see each child as an individual and identify his/her gifts, directing toward fulfillment. And we can't do that if we're focused only on the curriculum. When teachers and parents let go a bit, they invite moments in which the children express ideas, insights and emotions. Those are clues as to what the kids' gifts are. Listening and observing in a continuous process allows us to discover each child's ingenuity and help fulfill.

And there are going to be tests, since to be creative one must fully master his/her subject. For me a test is an opportunity to organize all that I have learned to be able to draw on my own insights.

Yet if we'd let go a bit of the race, we'll be able to create a more calm climate. Children and educators can and should allow themselves the pleasure of being at the open mood and mode. Imagine, come up with ideas, visualize. Yet it is also important to zig zig. Go back to the closed mode to critically assess ideas, maybe help students develop them into original educational products. Then a moment of creative humor in the open mood.

Why? Because we want children to grow into adults that earn their living while doing good. From an entrepreneur building a non-profit to save the forests to the person handing you your coffee, smiling and making your day. From the scientist pursuing breakthroughs to make new cures to the teacher that gives each child the feeling that he/she can.

You see, we can't nurture care and growth in a tense environment. Covid-19 taught us a lesson. Before, we didn't see any way to teach small classes. Now it's a possibility. I hope our lesson for next year will be to ease tension in order to nurture growth for each child.

When I was a kid and I worried about the future, my mom reminded me of the song: "Que sera sera, What ever will be will be". Tensions regarding the future nurture on Fears drawn from the past. To open up possibilities for kids in the future we need to let go and focus on making the now caring and proactive.

This includes how we treat earth and the living world. If we abuse nature, how can we model care among people?

Summer is just around the corner. We had a lot to deal with lately. I don't know how much you can travel or take a vacation, but I wish you all the best. In the meantime take care of your home. It's well worth it. A clean house, fresh flowers and good nutritional meals nurture a caring and creative environment.

I began my creative educational journey studying a multi-disciplinary and experiential course about the land of Israel. We were introduced to the embroidery of cultures and people, learning to appreciate diverse beliefs, emotions and values. Travel became a habit of the mind.

Creatively teaching I took my young audiences on imaginary travels by stories, poems, art, activities, music and play. I even worked at the children's hospital. Once at the end of the session a parent said: Thank you, Michelle. You really took us traveling. I hope that as they went back to pursuing health, kids and parents were more hopeful.

You're most welcome to set on imaginary travels with my best children's book social emotional learning. See the world from a bird's eye-view considering new perspectives, fly high like the parrots reaching new skies, and feel the cool breeze of the forest with a Native-American child on a journey to bring his father cure, the purest honey you've ever tasted.

Take time to read and be ignited by the inspirational paintings of the Raising Creative Thinkers Guidebook. Fill up with creativity to help your own kids or grand-kids grow, foreseeing the next school year. It's free on Kindle Unlimited.

"Let go of the Rope and Fill up with Hope!" as Chicki the birds' king advises on Raising Creative Thinkers: Problem-Solvers, Conflict Managers and Communicators. This book is meant to helps kids find caring and creative solutions to disputes. Children have it in them. We just need give space for such an approach.

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For now enjoy the now.

Have a great summer. Calm, rest and enjoy,

Michelle Korenfeld

Raising Creative Thinkers

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