A Poem about Patience, Cooperation & Optimism to Share with Students- Resilience Learned from Nature

Updated: May 7

As this school year is approaching its end with low spirits, I thought about lessons best learned from nature. My poem about the parrots seemed to deliver new meanings: about times we need patience; about rising high when dawn comes; and about birds uniting and cooperating for better survival chances.

This poem gives us a chance to zoom out, seeing that animals can equip themselves with patience when needed. The thought comes to mind that as we are protecting ourselves from a pandemic, earth is recovering herself from damage we've done.

Share this poem with children and youth. Trust elementary students to see its light. They understand poetry better than we think. They sense it. I hope this poem helps build up resilience and optimism. These times can be used for growing. The time to glow will come.

Here's the poem:

The Dawn of a Smile at the Heights / Michelle Korenfeld (c)

As darkness comes to the forest at night,

we’re hiding with such lighthearted delight

in treetops with no room for flight.

Gathering closely we celebrate night,

secretly waiting for the brightening light.

The sounds and the shadows make us unite.

You wouldn’t believe the festivity of first light.

We concert our tweets as the forest shines bright.

We’re cheering the first to fly high like a kite.

Do you think being a parrot is fun? You’re right.

Have a wish to fly free? It’s great, all right!

Smile, think free, and reach your height!

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I was thinking about the word patience. In French "pas" means step.

Maybe this word teaches us to take a step back in order to take 2 steps forward;

to move forward step by step (pas à pas); and to be the first to take the next step (faire le premier pas).

Please like and share this article. Share a story in the comments about how such teaching has benefited your students. Serve as inspiration for others.

Take care to inspire patience, cooperation and optimism,

Michelle Korenfeld

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