STEAM Books with Lesson Plans for a Whole Year.

Updated: Apr 26

Today’s students struggle with academic study stifling creative potential. Anxiety is the result. Dissatisfaction with STEM scores has led to the flourishing STEAM education approach, which integrates science with art for meaningful learning. Yet educators strive to find time for developing such creative learning materials. This is dispelled by Michelle Korenfeld’s books packed with STEM lesson plans and activities based on 20 years of creativity education practice.

The Raising Creative Thinkers books are based on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon, who established the Clore Garden of Science and The Science Oriented Youth Department in the Weizmann Institute, Israel, a leader in science education worldwide. The books sum up the author’s teaching at the Dr. Erica Landau Institute for the Advancement of Youth to Excellence and Creativity.

Creative Children Like the Animals of the World offers art, nature and science materials for a whole year promoting social emotional learning in a PBL method.

The STEAM Books with Lesson Plans for a Whole Year. Raising Creative Thinkers Series splits Creative Children’s materials into short and catchy tools. It includes of:

1. Birds - parrots, peacocks, courting colors, symmetry. 2. Butterflies, Bees and Ants - colors of the rainbow, spectrum, primaries of light. 3. Dogs and Cats – domestication. 4. Mother Nature - the food chain for kids and a delightful original Native American story.

Raising Creative Thinkers: Problem Solvers, Conflict Managers and Communicators serves to grow an empathetic creative problem-solving mindset.

The engaging Raising Creative Thinkers Guidebook motivates stepping into 21st century education, empowering with the simple 5 E’s strategy: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express. The appendix is full of useful lesson ideas to fascinate students with issues like energy and global warming.

Michelle Korenfeld is a lifelong creativity educator, Amazon author, poet, and painter with a passion for nurturing curiosity in children’s hearts and minds. In her books science, art, nature, and environment spring from the pages, serving to create creative environments.

Michelle Korenfeld

Raising Creative Thinkers

21st Century Project-Based and Social-Emotional Learning lesson plans, stimulating teacher training, teaching tools, and best children’s STEAM book

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