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Updated: Apr 26

Hi, I'm happy to share some helping insights from a lesson I lead this week for high-school

students. I know there are many models for creative thinking and scientific thinking. The 5 E's makes them easy to use for educators. We started with the first E: Explore. We discovered fascinating facts about symmetry and colors arising from my peacock paintings.

We moved on to Experience experiential learning. We Examined ideas we drew on, and Elevated them to the next level, to Express at the end of class an original educational product.

Students found the lesson relevant, since they had the opportunity to draw on their own ideas based on the learning material. They got right into the flow of blending art with science learning. Using a painting to start a conversation about science was a good way to catch their attention and to help them open up to learning. The opportunity to practice creativity, developing their own ideas into personal educational products was an invitation to engage for students that may have been labeled as either excellent or failing learners. And finally, I found that presenting products is something students should practice much more. I think the fact they could express something of their own made the lesson worth it for them.

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It's not to late for creative teaching. But it's high time.

This could be what makes 2018 a year to remember professionally.

And that goes hand in hand with personal life.

Creativity = meaning = happiness.

It's simpler than you think,

Michelle Korenfeld

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