Free Guidebook for Raising Creative Thinkers this Weekend


In the spirit of holidays, I'm offering my guidebook for raising creative thinking kids free this weekend. Tools for creative education together with inspirational paintings serve for you to become a 21st century teacher, parent or grandparent. It's 0$ on the kindle store until Sunday. so, receiving it as a free gift means buying it for 0$. I wish you a pleasant read through the holidays, and hope it lights up and inspirits you for a brilliant 2018.

If you find it useful, you're most welcome to write up a customer review on the guidebook's Amazon page, so others will enjoy it.

If you still need a unique gift for a loved one, do visit my Amazon author page to learn more about my creativity igniting albums for kids and adults.

Creativity is the light in our lives, and the sparkle in kids' eyes that lights up curiosity toward meaningful learning and caring environments.

Let's raise our glasses for a creative sparkling year!

Michelle Korenfeld

Raising Creative Thinkers

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