The Learning Opportunities That Rise Toward The Era In Which Memorizing Will Not Be Needed

Updated: Apr 26

This weekend I’d like to share with you the essay my 13 years old daughter wrote for The Future of Technology Summit competition. Students were invited to write about the future from their point of view as natives of the digital age. The refreshing inspiring result is here to follow.

“The future - so far yet so near. Every day we: the people, the students, the teachers, the scientists, the world, take a step forward towards reaching the future that we all dream about. If it’s flying cars or robots teaching at schools, it will all happen. But for that we need advanced technology, creativity and passion – so we have the tools to grow.

Today’s young generation hasn’t yet got the chance to show the world how their way of thinking can generate even more advancement than we have experienced up until now.

But in the future robot teachers will have access to learning materials on computers. Teaching will happen by exporting the specific material to the students’ brains. Not having to memorize, pupils will move straight to practicing creative thinking, drawing on their own ideas.

Students will be able to send messages to their class-mates’ brains, enabling group creative thinking. This could lead to high levels of creativity. I don’t think instructions will be needed anymore. Teachers will focus on facilitating the creative thinking happening in class.

Students will engage in individual processes, like developing their own ideas, whether technological, artistic and so on. It will be important to connect students with peers from around the world exploring similar ideation, or with companies out of school which specialize in the field. The teachers’ role will be to gather information about each student’s progress, directing, connecting and supporting.

Today grades are the most common feedback from teachers. In this kind of futuristic learning environment, students will receive feedback from all the people they are cooperating with. It will give the students more opportunities to develop their ideas and to develop as human beings.

The key is CREATIVITY. A word that we happily hear a lot of lately. A word that opens doors for thousands of special brains to thrive.

And the keyhole is TECHNOLOGY - what humans use to improve their lives. It started when the cavemen realized they can use a stone as protection and to get food; and goes on until this day with every house that has computers, iPads and smartphones, in a world that is virtually connected.

I think there will be no need for offices in the future. Work will take place in your own space. For example, YouTube: A group of people that take a camera, share their lives and get money for it. Already today, when YouTubers post a new video, people leave comments, share, ask questions and receive answers, keeping the conversation going. This leads to the next videos. But those videos are for entertainment. If students use this digital conversation to enhance their ideas, learning will be much more interesting.

Social media will serve people to think of new ideas, making them real, sharing, and getting feedback, thus creating creative communities. The understanding how to treat others open-mindedly will support this evolutionary process. The understanding of how ideas can turn into technological novelties improving lives will be the difference between dreams that come true and those that don’t.

Now I can see the future clearly. It will be a fantastic planet, where people can freely express ideas and be loved for them. It will be a special planet that changes, develops and takes five steps forward every day. We can just hope for a society that will stay positive and not be cruel to one another. If we want a creative society, we need the world to come together, sharing ideas and working together to make them real.”

Best of luck with your creative education endeavors,

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