What to do with the kids' creativity gulf?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

To start a workshop, I ask if the participants have

a specific personal challenge I can help with. An attendee said: My kids are engulfed with creativity that goes sideways. I don’t know what to do.

Well, it’s not about controlling. It’s about balancing stimulation, direction, and boundaries.

  1. Stimulation – provide educational fun stimuli, whether short and engaging or long-term and challenging.

  2. Direction – Observe the children to learn what their individual creative potentials are, and direct toward fulfilling.

  3. Boundaries – When they do something wrong, don’t hurry to respond only to regret later. Say: I’m going to thing about this. When your mind’s set on what to say, share it with the children. They will listen and cooperate, because your response is decided. There will be no need for unnecessary drama.

Thread those three sides of the same coin is respect for the children’s intelligence to makes them feel we side with them. That’s a good way to establish an environment where creativity flourishes.

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Best wishes with your endeavors to foster creativity. It's an ongoing work, yet very rewarding.

Michelle Korenfeld

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