Tips for parent-teacher communication

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Here are some tips supporting a creative learning environment for improving the children’s school experience

For teachers:

  1. Phone call a day – Every day call other parents to tell them their kid is great.

  2. Coordinate with the parents: Where do they see their child’s individual creative potential hiding? There’s something in which every child shines in. Make room for the child to present it in class.

  3. Prepare your lesson plans for 30 minutes. The rest will be for conversing, appreciating student’s thoughts, and sending the kids home goodhearted.

For parents:

  1. Phone call the teacher every now and then to say thanks for the efforts.

  2. Ask the teacher once a while: Where does he/she see your child’s individual creative potential hiding? Maybe the kid is showing interest in a certain subject? Maybe he/she is a leader driving others in group work? Direct the child towards fulfilling this potential.

  3. At home, find time niches for just being with the kids – listening, acknowledging brightness. Those precious moments will serve as safety pins in the structured schedule.

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