Creative Curriculum Learning Materials and STEAM Lesson Plans for Elementary School Students

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Curriculum is structured and subject matters oriented. Yet the need to foster creative interdisciplinary thinking is becoming urgent. Today's students are all bright, and deserve the creative education that was bestowed upon gifted children. They will all be workers in the global village. 21st century skills such as communication, flexibility, innovation, imagination, and creativity will be assets.

The 5 E's, 5 core practices for facilitating those skills, are: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express. Use Raising Creative Thinkers' books to implement a creative thinking curriculum, practicing the 5 E's.

The books offer nature, environment, science and art materials to use in class. The method of work includes: reading animal and world stories, watching paintings, being ignited by poetry, conversing, experimenting, and expressing ideas in writing and drawing, all in a caring environment.

Children's thinking is expansive, associative, and generative. With the 5 E's teachers can explore this kind of thinking with the students, directing it toward the high thinking skill of turning information into knowledge. In the information age it was important to have information literacy. In the knowledge age it is essential to make new creative products out of the research, flexibly adapting to changes, solving problems, and innovating in a world that has seen it all.

The Raising Creative Thinkers Curriculum is based on Michelle Korenfeld's teaching at Dr. Erica Landau’s Institute for Gifted Children in Tel Aviv, and on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon who established The Clore Garden of Science and The Science Oriented Youth Department in the Weizmann Institute, a leader of science education worldwide.

Michelle Korenfeld is a lifelong creativity educator and Amazon author. Her tools are based on 20 years of creativity education practice and on raising her two daughters, who teach her lessons in creative thinking every day. She worked in schools, museums and education institutes.

Michelle believes creativity ignored and stifled turns into aggression. Creativity education helps students express and challenge their minds, making them more successful throughout classical curriculum.

Her books offer original and stimulating STEAM lesson plans.

The Raising Creative Thinkers books:

For students:

1) Creative Children Like the Animals of the World – offers materials for a whole year. Available in a US and a UK edition.

2) Raising Creative Thinkers: Problem Solvers, Conflict Managers and Communicators – A delightful story igniting kids with those skills. A creative thinking challenge for teenagers and adults.

3) The Raising Creative Thinkers Series – short, smart and catchy books:

a) Dogs and Cats (domestication)

b) Birds (and peacocks, symmetry and courting colors)

c) Butterflies, Bees and Ants (colors of the rainbow, ultra-violet and infrared, primaries of light)

d) Mother Nature (the food chain for kids, and a delightful original Native-American story).

Books for educators and family:

1) The Raising Creative Thinkers Guidebook – tools, tips, interdisciplinary lesson ideas and inspiration for becoming 21st century educators.

2) Revitalizing Creativity by Reading, Writing and Coloring – stories, poems, paintings and a process to draw vision plans to fulfill yours and the children's individual creative potentials (creative coloring). A great tool for coordinating parents' and teachers' expectations.

The Raising Creative Thinkers inspirational and transformative mini-course for helping teachers with the new task: Experience a glimpse into children’s minds through colorful artistic videos and poetry, to channel students into high thinking skills. Draw a vision and a plan.


a) Becoming a mentor educator

b) Learning to identify and fulfill students’ individual creative potentials

c) Being ignited into a fresh start

Fulfilling Children's individual creative potentials is key tor giving all children the best chances for life, since all kids are born creative. Helping teachers become creativity facilitators is key tor professionalism. Creative thinking curriculum is vital toor making schools relevant to our era.

Best of luck,

Raising Creative Thinkers

Tools and materials to raise creative thinkers

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