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Capture ideas, then help express!

When I prepared myself to do a painting, I'd check out images I want to incorporate into it. I'd study scientifically about the nature I'd paint. I'd fill my mind. When I went to rest, closed my eyes, thousands of paintings projected in my mind. Thousands of paintings that never got to be painted. When at last I painted, the final image would create itself.

What I'm trying to say is fill the minds of children with inspiring things. Then ask them to scribble, jot down and doodle, trying to capture the ideas they drew and that came flowing in their minds. Your job as educator will be to help them finalize those raw materials: define, conclude and rewrite, to express more explicitly. That is in sum the work of the creativity facilitator. And it is something every teacher, parent and grandparent can fulfill.

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Creatively Yours, Michelle Korenfeld