Memory and Creative Learning-Nurture, let swim and fish up

In a recent workshop, I was asked if a good memory is good for creative learning. That was difficult to answer. You'd have to define what a good memory and what creative learning were. The attendees wanted to further know how I learn, and how my memory operates. That I can testify to.

I learn all the time. Everything interests me. But do I like file information in categories? Well, no. It's more intuitive. When I need a certain information, the question in hand makes it rise to my working memory from the depths of my mind. It's like a swimming pool. Memories don't really blend, or stay stuck at a certain corner. They flow wordlessly. Maybe it's connected to imagination. And to my creative process. When I write or paint I fill my mind with information, I do research, and let it all swim. Then sit down hold a pen or a brush and let it flow. Abstract becomes material.

To return to the question - is such a memory good for learning? I don't know. It could lead to overwhelm, that hinders learning. Yet, I love to learn. And so, do little children. Is their memory like mine? It would be difficult to get their point of view on that. But it seems so. If we develop this kind of minds, they’ll become lifelong learners. Can we handle that? It would be difficult. But well worth it.

And to return to the question we started with. I can’t tell you how good a memory is for creative learning. But I’m sure creative learning is good for memory. Teach a child experientially with reading stories, enacting plays, experimenting, drawing and freely writing, and the lessons will be engraved in their minds for life. That's the way to pave the road toward meaningful learning.

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Creatively yours,

Michelle Korenfeld

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