Energizing to Engage Students - Inspiration and Quick Tip

Entering a class is like walking up on stage. Our mindset at that moment affects the students' reactions, which affect ours throughout the day. How do we prepare ourselves to entering class at our best? We start the night before. Going to sleep reflect some: What did the kids do today to make you happy? Do you owe anyone a smile or a good word? Was there something going on wrong that we need to make right? On the way to school listen to some nice music, and think about things the kids do that fill you with wonder. If you listen to the news on your way to school, you'll enter class more in the mood to start a war. Fill your heart and mind, expecting children to surprise you with their smarts and joy of living. Prepare yourself to contain and inspire. It'll show when you enter class and start a fresh day of learning. You'll set the stage to practicing the 5 E's: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express.

Here's a a tip for energizing yourself just as you walk the corridor to class. I'm happy to share with you my painting: The Delicious Odor of Quiet. It's as if the woman smells the odor of the little flower and fills with energy, creativity and ability to contain. What is the thing that is for you the flower that fills you with vitality? Just as you walk to class think about it, and walk into class centered to meet your day.

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Much joy and good luck, Michelle

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