Strengthening the Humane Core with Care

Creative independent thinking is an innate immune from bad influence.

Are we unintentionally polluting this essential trait?

Here's a quote out of the story In the Shade of an Old Tree from Raising Creative Thinkers Series: Mother Nature:

"A dog came near, showing no fear. I'm bigger he thought to himself with pride. I'll scare off this cat, just for the ride. The dog, with self-confidence, began to bark. The cat turned away and tool off like a spark. Like the whisper of wind, the cat disappeared. The elephant, however, wagged his tail and ears. He didn't jolt or shake with fear."

Animals that are threatened rely totally on their intuition and run off without shame. When Children are under social pressure their thinking battles their intuition, and they might cave in.

If they've been encouraged to rely on their own thinking, they would follow their heart and conscience. If they were raised to depend on others' thinking to guide them ... Frightening, isn't it?

When my kids were 2 years old I've told them: "If you don't tell me what you think and feel, I won't know. I am not telepathic." Then the task was to develop their emotional intelligence and to help them find words to express their creative thinking.

We may be great role models of independence to our kids. But even being pressurized by ads appealing to our senses and desires into buying things we don't need shows the kids we can be influenced.

The story I've quoted from is about the food chain for kids. The carnivore eats the herbivore which feeds on plants. The elephant is out of this mess. It's so big it's got no enemies (except for man).

The story ends with the elephant telling the lion:

"I see you're left here all alone. Had you not have driven the dog away, you would have had someone to play with, here in the shade. You ... should learn how to become better friends. Ask the children. They'll teach you all about good friendship".

The elephant knows his mind and speaks consciously. Wouldn't we want to raise such kids?

The way to help them have skins thick and abrasive as the elephant's, is to grow them independent of the influence of inappropriate creative ideas.

As commodities won't bring us the happiness ads promise, so wrong doings won't bring the children the promise of popularity.

If you're interested in such creative learning materials promoting the Ethics of Care in education, and in more STEAM lesson plans, you're most invited to my blog: Raising Creative Thinkers!

Creatively yours

Michelle Korenfeld

Well, it might, but like a mirage soon to be fading.

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