Does everything has to go step by step?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

“I’m very sorry, but it’s not a procedure. So, don’t panic!” That’s how I start my workshop about the 5 E’s. Does everything have to go step by step? Especially when we are talking about nurturing children’s creative minds?

The 5 E’s are: Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express. Those are 5 core practices for raising creative thinkers.

You could start exploring by sharing a story about the fascinating diversity of the living world.

Then invite the kids to express the ideas they drew on based on the story in writing and drawing. Guide them on examining the validity of their ideas in a conversation, or experience learning with a fun scientific experiment that is connected.

Finally help them in elevating their ideas by synthesizing thoughts and impressions into an educational product. That could be a story, a poem, a presentation, a poster, and so on. Presenting those would serve to further explore, experience learning, examine ideas, elevating them, and simply expressing.

I know, there is no time. But even if you could just keep in mind the 5 E’s. Insert them bit by bit into your teaching, parenting or grand-parenting routine.

Find a minute to nurture the children’s curiosity about the world. Listen to their ideas. Acknowledge and say something to help them examine and elevate their original thinking. That means encouraging self-confidence to express.

There must be some opportunities for that during your day. The more, the better.

This means teaching a little less. Talking a little less. And listening a bit more. But isn’t it educating for much more?!

The message I’m trying to deliver is that learning is fun. It’s fantastic to learn about the world. Curiosity is an asset. Surprise, inspiration, enrichment and discovery are our keywords in practicing the 5 E’s.

Remember that humor = creativity. Smile when you educate. A smile = kindness = empathy.

Connect to your love of life. Educate towards love for living. Inspire love for the living!

You’ll gain today’s bright children’s respect, admiration and gratitude.

If you're interested in creative learning materials or STEAM lesson plans to work that way with kids, check out my blog: Raising Creative Thinkers. You can also learn there about creativity education workshops.

Remember: Creativity = Meaning = Happiness.

Creatively yours,

Michelle Korenfeld

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