Catchy Creativity Series

Hi, for seekers of simplicity I've published the first in my Raising Creative Thinkers Series: Dogs and Cats. It got #1 New Release on Amazon (!!).

Join me on delightful imaginary travels to discover about dogs and cats. Are their typical traits due to being domesticated from wildlife animals? The kids become coauthors and co-illustrators in this glorious series celebrating their creativity. Ignited by the poems, paintings and interesting facts about dogs and cats, they write and draw their own ideas. They create a one-of-a-kind book, reflecting their child genius. In the mean-time they bond with the animal world, while expressing their inner voice. My books are based on my life research and raising my own two creative thinkers. They are already teenagers, but still teach me creative thinking lessons every day. I believes much of children's aggression derives from stifled creativity. Use this book to bond with the children. Enrich them about dogs and cats, then let them fascinate you with the creative ideas they drew and wrote in. Bonding has never been simpler. The book includes an enrichment bonus about mice (!!) It is a fun educational book for keeps. Great for out-of-the-box teaching activities.

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Creatively yours,

Michelle Korenfeld


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