Are we creating problems, instead of helping our students create themselves?

Education is about mentoring human beings that are developing. Those young minds are not always articulate - telling us their needs or confiding their secret wishes with us.

Sitting them in classes in which they are no more than listeners, we will never hear those needs and wishes, that reflect each child's personality.

Children adapt, and they'll go through their school years that way, never saying: "Why haven't you ever given me a chance to express myself in my own unique way?"

That way, the roots of each child's personality will not bud into a solid tree. But they will not stay underground for life either. They will sprout as weeds suffocating the fresh undeveloped seed of the child's unfulfilled potential.

Those weeds are various: learning disabilities, behavior problems, bad attitude, and the list is long.

If we'd give students young in mind and heart the opportunities to express their creative spark, they will connect to their personal potentials. What's more we will be able to observe them, and then direct them to where their potentials can be fulfilled. They need us to do that.

You know what happens to a gifted child that was not directed that way? He or she becomes a very clever criminal. Those smarts have to go somewhere.

And that's just it. All kids nowadays are bright and smart.

If we don't direct them to fulfill themselves, they will fulfill their potentials according to all those messages from the media, which I dare to be skeptical about. They will also be more vulnerable to be influenced into negative directions.

Elementary schools are a good place to start. At kindergarten kids have opportunities to creatively express. At school, kids are told that this is no place for play. Learning is serious matter.

Well, first, students will better internalize lessons in which humor and curiosity were integrated. And second, If we'd let kids express their creative ideas in conversations and in drawing and writing, we'll be much better equipped to help them create themselves according to their innate capacities. Wouldn't that create us as the educators they'll never forget?

Wouldn't that create us as the educators they'll never forget?

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Creatively yours,

Michelle Korenfeld


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