A whole package for back to school with creativity!

You have been wishing to give the kids a more creative education, but didn't know how. Where would you find books? How would you know how to use them? In the mean-time the kids are getting more and more glued to screens. You don't know what they are thinking, if at all. They are either apathetic or aggressive. That is their creativity not being used, and therefore becoming stifled.

20 years of creativity education were summed up into a whole package to help you educate for creativity. Creative Children Like the Animals of the World is packed with stories, poems and paintings. It is a great tool for elementary and middle school students for a whole year. At the end, the children have something for keeps full of the bright ideas they wrote and drew in throughout the process. The Raising Creative Thinkers Series offers short and catchy creativity stimulating books. For those who seek simplicity.

The Raising Creative Thinkers: Problem Solvers, Conflict Managers and Communicators is a great tool for acquiring those skills. Revitalizing Creativity by Reading, Writing and Coloring is for you to inspire your own creativity, becoming a facilitator. For a deeper understanding of how to raise creative thinkers read my guidebook for family and educators.

Feel all that is not enough?

The Raising Creative Thinkers Workshop will engage you in practicing Explore, Experience, Examine, Elevate and Express - the out-of-the-box interdisciplinary educating strategy that will help you facilitate young people's creativity through arts, nature, science and environment.

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Michelle Korenfeld


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