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Leadership education program offering educators countless lesson plans. Unique teacher tool online. Teaching elementary students leadership by 5 C’s:
Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and most of all…Curiosity!

Promoting social emotional learning by a PBL collaborative method.

Pillars of Leadership offers students the ultimate leadership education experience to:

  • help build stamina and self-leadership.

  • foster creative problem-solving, decision-making and social emotional skills.

  • lead young learners to become creative and innovative.



Pillars of Leadership students:

  • engage in interactive activities like a fact or opinion game by which they learn about the world.

  • unravel future economic and environmental challenges by a time-travelling story.

  • simulate leadership roles in collaborative growth-mindset environments.

  • playfully practice managerial skills while developing original team products.

  • Make public speaking second nature when presenting products to class.


The program offers 3 levels:

Level 1 - Learning the language of leadership. Befriending self in order to lead others.
Level 2 - Embracing leadership values and deepening competencies
Level 3 - Becoming inspiring change agents who care about the world.

Levels begin with introductory morale building activities, followed by 4-5 theme projects. Each project is explored in 2-5 lessons. Finally, students envision how to apply what they have learned today and in the future.



Six Nobel Prize winning scientists since 2004 and a myriad of entrepreneurs have earned Israel its nickname The Startup Nation. In 2019 Jewish innovation rose to new heights when an Israeli satellite reached the moon.
Pillars of Leadership unlocks the secrets to such success and reveals these secrets to students age 6-12.
It is based on the Jewish critical, creative and curious spirit yet relates to students of all cultures.
The program has been developed by Michelle Korenfeld and Dr. Arieh Friedler according to a request of afternoon schools in China.

Michelle Korenfeld is an Amazon author and 21st century learning curriculum developer. She transforms
learning materials into stories and activities that children love based on her lifelong creativity education practice and countless interactions with learners. Michelle’s lesson plans writing is based on her teaching at The Dr. Erica Landau Institute for the Advancement of Youth to Creativity and Excellence, and on conversations with Dr. Moshe Rishpon who established The Science Oriented Youth Department in The Weizmann Institute. Graduates of both establishments became leaders of their fields of expertise in Israel and worldwide.
Dr. Arieh Friedler is a lifelong teacher trainer and curriculum developer, entrepreneur and leadership education enthusiast.


Program team is here to provide more information, to adopt contents to your teachers’ and students’ needs,
and to support. 

Pillars of Leadership ©
What does the program offer? 

More projects:

  • The Win-Win Solution - From competition through comparison to cooperation .

  • Team CIDI - Identify your creative problem-solving preference to better contribute to your team.

  • Ms. Magic's Leadership Manifesto - solving conflicts and embracing leadership values inspired by animal superheros and a kind teacher.

  • White Praises Confidence - A story about 7 years old Leaonardo Da Vinci, and learning to communicate in ways that others want to join in and contribute.

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